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Updated: Mar 22

Hampton' style bathroom mixing brass, marble and wood

Our bathroom's inspiration! We've been building our bathroom for more than one year and a half. Yes! That's long! We've always wanted to use good quality materials in our home but didn't have the means to buy everything all at once. The pandemic didn't help and we stopped everything for several months in 2020. To make it short, we started building it on the summer 2019 and inaugurated it on the 3rd of October 2020.

Soap accessories // Golden tap // Gold LED spots // Marble sink // Wood switch // Towel heater

It’s never too late to share the mood board I had in mind when I designed it.

The idea was “feeling like in a yacht”. These boats are loaded with lacquered wood, brass that brings touches of gold and white or cream colors. That’s exactly where I wanted to go. I must say picking up the right elements was tricky because it’s easy to fall in too much gold, or too much wood. As always, balance is key (as well as details) so after going back and forth and sometimes spending literally four hours straight searching on the internet for one thing, we ended up doing exactly what I had in mind which is pretty awesome I must say!

I am THRILLED to use it every day and I will never forget the night when we finished it and I finally got to unpack my beauty things after more than one year doing my makeup in the living room under construction.

Modern bathroom with wood panels on the wall

White bathroom vanity with wooden countertop and marble sinks

Marble sinks and golden taps for the bathroom

There are lots of details in this bathroom and there has been many steps in the building process. Ulrich did everything himself so I can share our experience and DIYs on many things, let us know what you want to read! I will share all I can anyway ! :)

Hope it gives you some inspiration!

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