Coromandel antique furniture

Updated: May 12

One of the most luxurious woods on the planet


Coromandel (or Calamander) is the name of a precious wood from Ceylon which is the ancient name for the current Sri Lanka. It is also called Macassar ebony or variegated ebony. It is veined in a very dark brown color on a hazel base. Its numerous stripes are what makes its identity. It takes its name from the Coromandel coast in south India where it was brought for exportation.

Sri Lanka humidity zones map

This wood mostly comes from one species of tree: the Dyospyros quaesita from Sri Lanka. This large tree was only found in 25 wet lowland evergreen forests of Sri Lanka. These wet zones are located in the south west of the island. This tree could be up to 35

meters high and had very green and strong leaves.

Antique coromandel wood furniture table


The wood given by this tree is classified as a super luxury class wood. It is heavy and hard. It has been used for furniture, home decor and wonderfully beautiful boxes. It was also used for luthiery and sculpture. Work on this wood was mostly done during the Regency period in England which was between 1811 and 1821.

Antique coromandel wood box

Fun fact

What adds value to this essence now is its scarcity. Indeed and unfortunately, these trees are no longer available for any work. Macassar ebony, which is still available, looks a bit alike Coromandel but doesn’t have the exact same stripes and depth.

Well, Coromandel wood is just as exotic as the region it comes from. Like all things rare, beautiful and precious, it can be costly but you find lovely small pieces like ancient jewelry boes which stay affordable. I hope I shared my love for this essence & most of all I hope you learned something!

Have a good and full of light rest of your day my dears.

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