How to build your bathtub in 5 steps.

Updated: Mar 22

Foolproof method to create your dream built-in bathtub.

Loving bubbles? You want a bathtub but something original? Build it! Do it yourself! A built-in bathtub allows you to personalize your bathroom. We won't talk about freestanding bathtubs here which are beautiful but don't need any structure. We are here to appreciate the warm atmosphere of a built in bathtub. The one where you can put candles, plants and beautiful bubble bath bottles on the side.

1. Preperation

Choose your taps: first things first. You have to know what you want. There is a fantastic choice of taps on the internet and you can easily get lost. To make a choice, close your eyes and vizualize your finished bathroom is your head. You won't see the exact reference of the tap but you'll see the colors and it helps. Taps can be chrome-plated, golden, black, white... you name it. Note the diameter of the base of the tap, it will be useful later.

Choose your tub: the essential element of built in bathtub is...guess what? The tub! Road can be long on the hunt of the good one but it is worth the wait. You don't want to choose a tub that will make you want to get out of water asap! Plus, as it is a built-in bathtub, it is meant to stay a long time so you'd better chose carefully. Think size, comfort and material. How tall are you? Do you want to extend your legs fully when you're sitting? Don't buy it too large to avoid slipping and drawning instead of being relaxed ! Do you need a special support behind your back? Your head? Your arms? Touch the different finishes and choose the one that feels best under your finger tips.

2. Build the frame

Once you have these essentials, you can start building. With thick wood planks (pine tree is easy to use and affordable), flat angle brackets, wall screw anchors and screws. See if you want to build a frame all around the tub or only on some sides. We personally chose to do it on the right side and at the head. Put some planks vertically, and a long one on top, horizontally. Repeat the operation on each side you want to cover with a panel. Cover the frame with a water resistant panel. Drill your wood at the right diameter to insert your taps. Before fixing your plumbing, do the tiling.

3. Tiles

Lay your tiles over the side panels and the wood and don't forget to stick them a little tilted toward the bathtub to allow water to evacuate when it splashes off your bath.

4. Taps and tub

Always keep an access under your tub. Insert your taps and fix everything. Place your tub inside the custom frame and finish the installation with some silicon seal all around.

5. Congratulations! You got your built-in bathtub!!

Now the best part starts: accessorizing. Pick some candles, a bath pillow, buy bubble bath, bath bombs and why not some plants to give life to this space.

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