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Updated: May 11

Transform the look of your bedside table with a glass table lamp!

Beautiful farmhouse glass table lamp

It’s been a couple of weeks since I dove into lamps' hunt for our bedroom. I’ve known for a long time I wanted glass lamps for our bedside tables. I just love the lightness of it on each side of a warm bed. It spreads light even when turned off as the rays of sun coming in the room reflect on the lamp.

Styling tips

  • Clear glass is neutral which allows you to play with different colors and textures on the lampshade if you want to refresh your style every now and then.

  • Glass reflects natural light, especially when you choose a structured foot design. It is versatile, you can put a glass table lamp in the bedroom, the living room or wherever you want as it goes with almost everything.

  • For a pop of color, choose a tinted foot. It remains soft to the eye. Perfect if you don't want color blocks for your interior decor.

My favs!

>>> I fell in love with this one from Litfad but must admit their delivery system is absolutely does not reflect the quality and price of the product. It took three months to arrive! The quality is really good, the foot is heavy and the lampshade touch is like linen so it was worth the wait but I think they can do much better for a lamp you pay almost 200€.

>>> I also love a good old banker’s lamp like this one. The typical banker lamp has this beautiful green glass lampshade but you can find many other colors now like amber or even a beautiful dark gray.

>>>Finally, couldn’t stay away from this beauty on amazon. The amber glass makes me feeel things!

I would say a glass table lamp is a great addition to an already "full of textures" room. It brings lightness and shine to your home decor. You can find all the prices and styles online so try to visualize clearly what you want before going on the hunt for the perfect lamp or you'll get lost in all the beautiful choices out there! Plus, feel free to change the lampshade to add your personal touch!

Have a good and full of light rest of your day my dears.

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Most importantly, keep spreading heat and be yourself.

Warm hugs


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