Hot cocoa benefits

Updated: May 11

Discover how Cocoa can even help you lose weight
Hot cocoa cup with marshmellows
A treat and a healthy snack at the same time!

Drink, drink, drink!! Admit it, hot cocoa feels so good at the end of the day or whenever needed. This is sweetness and comfort brought to you by a subtle combination of milk and cocoa.

We are talking about pure cocoa dissolved in a liquid, water or milk, not industrial instant hot cocoa mixes.

1. Good for our brain

Recent studies shown it improves blood flow towards the brain. Cocoa powder is a wonderful source of polyphenols. These antioxidants boost blood flow and increase cerebral activity. Be careful, alkaline is often added to reduce bitterness in preparations, which reduces the action of polyphenols.

2. Good for heart

Chocolate is a good protector against heart attacks and stroke. Several studies revealed a significant link between chocolate consumption (19 to 30 grams per day) and lower risks of cardiovascular illnesses.

3. Helps blood circulation

Cocoa powder can reduce blood pressure thanks to flavanols which increase nitric oxide level in the blood. Nitric oxide is important because it helps nutrients and oxygen to travel in our body by improving blood circulation in the vessels.

4. Mood and stress level improvements

Its benefits on the brain are not only blood related. The flavanols contained in cocoa powder, the satisfying feeling when eating chocolate and the caffein contained in it are elements contributing to an improvement in signs of stress and depression for many.

5. Weight loss?

Dark chocolate at least 81% cocoa could help the efficiency of some diets, by lowering appetite, inflammation and increasing the fullness sensation.

Convinced? To conclude we now agree that chocolate is good for our health. It supports blood flow which involves only good things! Remember that like every good thing, it has to be consumed wisely to get only the amazing benefits of it! :)

Have a good and full of light rest of your day my dears.

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Most importantly, keep spreading heat and be yourself.

Warm hugs


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