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Updated: May 29

light wood hangers

Elevate the style of your wardrobe with these 4 simple tips

Make your wardrobe look high end, clean and appealing. Anywhere you store your clothes, a cluttered space does not invite to pick an outfit for the day. When things are disorganized, your vision is not clear enough to enjoy all the beautiful pieces you have!

Simple tips can change everything to make it look nice and fresh. Elevate the style of your closet to make it look so good that you'll fall in love again with picking up your apparel.

IKEA PAX system wardrobe for a couple

1. Separate people

First and foremost, each on his side. It might be the only time I say that but it’s true for closets. Make sections for each person using the space. It avoids traffic jam at dressing up hours, plus, you'll know exactly what's yours.

matching black hangers in a closet

2. Matching hangers

Simple and super effective. Overtime, we accumulate hangers of all sorts and colors collected from dry cleaners and stores. Choose new hangers and buy them all in the same size and color for each section. Make your selection depending on your shoulders’ width as you now find thin hangers and huge ones as well. It'll fit better your clothes and immediately give a clean look to the rack.

color sorted men shirts

3. Sort by colors

Some like to sort by types of clothes, I prefer colors. I’ve noticed that I like to choose my outfit on a color range so it works well for me but do what's best for you. Help yourself with a picture of the rainbow of colors to put them in the right order for a better visual coherence.

Additional tip:

If a side of your closet is more visible than the other, start with black clothes on the visible side and keep going with the rainbow of colors till the less visible side of the wardrobe. You will see more clearly which colors you buy more and which you buy less and it gives a perfectly organized look.

clothes organized on a closet mix of shelves and racks

4. Leave some clear space

If you can, of course! Keep empty space in some areas of the closet to bring structure, especially if you don't have doors to your closet. If your closet is open on the bedroom, it has to be a part of the design even though it’s full of clothes. Store useless seasonal stuff elsewhere to keep only what you'll wear the next two to three months.

Well, these were my tips to make your closet look good! If you have any other tip that you'd like to share, feel free to write it down in the comments' section, I'll love to read it!

Have a good and full of light rest of your day my dears.

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Most importantly, keep spreading heat and be yourself.

Warm hugs


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