Best outdoor furniture for spring/summer 2021

4 key questions to answer before buying anything

We're in the middle of May, It ain't too late to take care of outdoor furniture shopping! Let's create a little nice space outside to enjoy good time with your friends and family. We're seeing so many different styles, I love them all but we have to choose!

KEY QUESTIONS to help you make the right choice:

- Who is usually coming at home?

// Will help you determine the amount of seats to buy.

- Which soil are you landing your outdoor furniture on?

// Will help you determine the type of legs you need under your furniture in order to get something steady.

- How often do you need an sunshade?

// Will help you figure out the type of table you need. If you prefer a small table but need an umbrella, don't forget to buy a foot holder!

- How will you use your space most of the time? Just a drink at the end of the day or mostly family dinner?

// Critical! It'll help you choose your type of table and chairs if you do not have space for both a lounge area and a dining table.

Feel free to share any more ideas in the comments' section, it'll help me choose my outdoor funiture! ;)

Now that you have all these elements, it should be easier to make your decision. I've been browsing on the internet and fell in love with some designs on where you can find gems for the best price! Here are my favorites for a good night home!

I privileged small gathering sets with a maximum of 6 people because the pandemic still hits a lot of countries. To protect ourselves and our loved ones, avoid big reunions. :)

The first of my selection is called the conversation set, what a lovely name! The set for four got me immediately with its square table and its comfy seats. A scandinavian style is always a good idea to bring lightness to your outdoor space, this one looks amazing. Finally, a little outdoor escape for two in the prettiest style!

I also fell for some wonderful designs on Restoration Hardware, CB2 and Eminza...

What a dream! I literally can't wait to sit outside under the sun and enjoy some fresh air. This year, we find blue tones in many stores. The trend is also on natural materials and handmade quality furniture. It all depends on your allocated budget of course.

Tip: To get high quality at the best price, buy second hand! :)

Have a good and full of light rest of your day my dears.

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Most importantly, keep spreading heat and be yourself.

Warm hugs


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