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Benefits on hair and skin

Rose silk bed sheet set

Lots of women know it but a lot still don't know about it. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is good for our hair AND our skin. We tend to believe our cosmetics and our diet are the only actors of the quality of both but we're wrong! The fabric we lean our face on for several hours every night also plays its part.


A silk pillowcase avoids a lot of frictions happening during the night between our hair and the fabric. Coton or linen do not have this property even though they are breathable and fresh fabrics for summer. Silk will protect against hair breakage, tangles and split ends. Bonus, it also prevents from greasy hair ! Just like magic...


Sleeping on silk does wanders for our skin. It'll help against us sinking our head into the pillow at night (let's be honest). Silk does not absorb our cosmetics so don't be afraid to put an hydrating night mask on or a richer night cream. It doesn't wrinkle or really hardly which is good as it won't leave any traces on our face. This lack of wrinkles on the fabric also helps slowing the arrival of wrinkles on our own skin. It's all good!

Home decor tip

The full silk look is not for everyone. I personnally don't want my bed to look like an old Italian movie. To stay on the modern side, pair your silk pillowcase with bamboo fiber flat sheets for instance. This fiber is very soft and breathable. It'll create the transition with silk. On top, throw a faux fur blanket to bring a cozy vibe to the bed.

Faux fur throw on a bed


Debate is ON about vegan silk. No study has proven that insects feel something or suffer during silk fabrication process but this procedure still implies to boil the silkworms which can be hard to accept. Depending on your convictions, opt for "bamboo silk", very soft and gentle for hair and skin as well. It doesn't involve any living being and so is totally cruelty free.

Check out >> Cozy Earth They even have loungewear made out of bamboo !

I hope I brought you the knowledge you were looking for on silk pillowcases. Anyways, keep eating healthy, exercise and stay hydrated because the best pillowcase won't replace a healthy lifestyle! What about you? Are you for or against silk pillowcases? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Have a good and full of light rest of your day my dears.

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Most importantly, keep spreading heat and be yourself.

Warm hugs


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