Valentine's day gift guide for your home

Updated: Mar 31

5 Gift ideas for your home sweet home

Pink and gold candle

Here is the day of love! Share love, spread love, feel love. This is the best feeling ever. No one said that you have to only love humans. Your house can be the love of your life. You totally have the right to take good care of it on valentine’s day with soft and lovely hues of pinks and reds, or whatever feels hot for you. Cuddle up and enjoy the warmth...

See our 5 ideas to light up a little flame in your home sweet home. Because giving love is never wasted, needless to say that it is even more exciting if you share your home with your special someone.

Of course, let’s do this with good taste.


Valentine's day gift idea. Pure silk pillow case in pink

A silk pillow case has be proven to be gentle with skin and hair to give you a fresh face in the morning. This silk pillow case has my heart.

Valentine's day gift idea. Heart shaped pillow for valentine's day

I just cant' get over the beautiful shades of this pillow. They look so soft and warm.


Valentine's day gift idea. Pink candle by Anthropologie.

This candle looks so good. I mean, it is just the right soft tone of pink. It promises top notes of pomegranate and orange, followed by primrose, vanilla and conifer.

Valentine's day gift idea. Voluspa pink rose macaron trio.

Voluspa has the candles I prefer, they spread a scent in the whole room wihtout lighting them up. This trio is irresistible.


Pink mug for valentine's day by Bloomingdales

Pink doesn't need to be neon. This very soft shade is good for our winter mornings. I just love this mug.

Floral mug for valentine's day by bloomingdales

Bloomingdales does it again with this lovely floral print. A taste of spring in a cup.

Buy this beautiful mug.


Pink and purple floraly lamp with glass base

This printed lamp mix minimalism and prints and I love that. Seeing the cord has never been so cool.

Pink table lamp

I am definitely calmed down by this tone of pink. Soft but luminous. This lamp has it all.


To finish, of course, flowers. I can't wait to buy more fresh flowers for the home. Tulips offers a minimalistic look and just look good on every corner.

Gerbera is more girly and offers a quantity of colors.

Whatever flowers you buy for your house, yourself or your loved one, BUY LOCAL! :)

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Warm hugs,


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