Weekend at home ideas

Updated: May 11

Re-invent your at home Saturdays and Sundays with our cozy ideas.

Feel free to use them on week days too because we can never enjoy life too much.

Dreaming the whole week of a weekend at home to make the most out of your time? And once you get it, you only lay down on the couch and do nothing. What to do on a weekend at home?


Never stop reading. Whether it's on a screen or not, reading trains the brain which have to be trained like any other muscle to stay in shape and fully efficient. A good reading session helps relax and frees the mind of all the everyday worries. Create new connections in your head with these good books.

Give Work by Leila Janah - gives a modern look on how to fight poverty around the globe //

12 Rules for life by Jordan B Peterson makes us look life itself a totally different way //

Funny girl by Nick Hornby tells us the beautiful story of Sophie straw //

Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf published in 1925 is just delightful //

2.Take care of yourself

Take this home time to indulge yourself. Taking care of your body immediately impacts your mental health in the most positive way.

Joon x Moon products promise a bath full of freshness and sensations ! Can't say no //

Don't have a bathtub? This body scrub has the best scent and leaves the skin so soft. A simple thing is also to just hydrate your skin with this cozy creamy oil. It doesn't leave any sticky feel on the skin.

Beyond bath, take time to take care. Repeat: TAKE TIME to TAKE CARE. We put our time and efforts on what we want. Admit it or not, life is a succession of decisions we make. So make the decision to take care of your body instead of taking care of your TV.


Who doesn't like to eat well? We all do. Let's enjoy this time at home to cook! Creating something with our hands is deeply satisfying and good for our mental health. Plus, the satisfaction goes further with food as you can eat the production! You also get to spend a good time with your loved ones if you cook and eat with them.

I particularly love Rachel Mansfield. All her recipes look delicious and she seems to be such a nice person!

This chocolate zucchini bread is not usual and I actually wondered if I read the right words but yes, I did, and it looks delicious! Why not give it a try? Recipe here.

Paleo vegan dairy free gluten free chocolate cake

Enjoy the weekend, the lockdown and whatever makes you spend time in your home sweet home! Have a good and full of light rest of your day my dears.

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Most importantly, keep spreading heat and be yourself.

Warm hugs


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